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Ticket Sales

Welcome to TheEncounter's ticket-shop! In order to buy tickets to our events, you need to register. 

Next event

When? 10-12.12.2021 - Opening Friday @12:00, internet connection shut down @12:00 Sunday.
Where? Pixnehallen, Malax

If you are 16 years or older you are required to show a valid european covidpass in order to attend as a player or visitor during the whole weekend.
If you have purchased a ticket and do not have a valid covidpass, you can get a refund by mailing (info@theencounter.nu) or contacting us on social media.
We are providing masks and desinfectant in addition to paying extra attention to hygiene during the event.

Payment Information

We use a finnish merchant called Checkout.fi. We use an encrypted SSL connection for your payments & there are several payment options.

Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille

Checkout's terms of payment: Checkout -palvelun maksuehdot

Ticket Information


    • Visitor Ticket 10€ / each
      • Weekend pass
      • Not allowed to bring a computer
      • Can participate in the console tournaments ONLY
      • WiFi access
      • Access VR & console corner (PS4) + FIFA, NHL, NBA etc 

Need help buying tickets or problems reserving places? Just click here

Find more information about our events on our website: http://theencounter.nu

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