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Confused about ticket-sales and place-reservations? Really don't know how it works? Follow the instructions below.

or watch the video:


1. Registration and how to buy tickets

If you already have created a Moya-account on any other events, you can use that account here aswell. You can also use an account registered here on corresponding events using moya.

Other events using Moya:
      • Insomnia
      • Vectorama
      • ASSEMBLY
      • Lantrek
      • Skynet
      • Streamparty
      • Q-lan
      • GetOnline
    1. Log in or create an account 
    2. After a successful registration, you can head over to Shop -> Purchase tickets to buy tickets.
    3. When you have successfully bought a desired amount of tickets, head over to Shop -> Reserve places and reserve your desired place(s).
    4. Running into problems? Contact us on Discord support channel or Facebook or send an email to info@theencounter.nu

2. Payment

After you have ordered the desired amount of tickets, you will pay them online through a Checkout gateway. When your order has been marked as payed, you can reserve a place on the map. To check if your order is marked paid, head over to Shop -> My orders. There you'll see all information regarding your order and a function to print the bill. 

Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille

Checkout's terms of payment: Checkout -palvelun maksuehdot

3. Reserving place(s)

You can reserve your desired place(s) after a successful payment. You can also give a ticket you bought to another registered user by giving him/her the "Ticket Token". He or she can then insert the token on Computer places -> Place reservations

TheEncounter reserves the right to make changes to place reservations.

3. Show your ticket at event-arrival!

When arriving to the event, you can either show your printed ticket @check-in or show some kind of proof you bought a seat.


Please contact us on Discord support channel or Facebook or send an email to info@theencounter.nu